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Stucco Painting in Calgary Since 2007

Legacy Exteriors is Calgary’s #1 stucco rejuvenator! Whether you’re looking to refresh the original appearance of your home, or change the colors completely, painting your house with us will do wonders for the look of your home. 

Quality preparation, quality paint products and quality application ensures that we get the job done to your complete satisfaction. From our detailed written estimate to the final inspection, we make every effort to ensure your total satisfaction. 

Legacy is reliable and affordable. Appointments are available at your convenience with professional, knowledgeable, and experienced staff. Painting is our passion.

Expert Stucco Paint & Stucco Repair in Calgary

The first step in our process is sending a Legacy representative to your home to provide you with all of the information you need to make a proper, informed decision that you’re comfortable with.

After all of the decisions have been made the process is really straight forward.

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Our Stucco Painting & Repair Process

The single most important factor in painting is preparation. Quality preparation of all surfaces ensures that proper adhesion occurs during the painting process.

Step 1 – Power Pressure wash:

Surfaces scheduled for paint will be thoroughly pressure washed and cleaned. Legacy will pressure clean surfaces with a 10% – 20% bleach solution at no less than 1500 PSI to remove pollutants such as dirt, grease, chalk, algae, mildew, and any loose or peeling pre-existing coatings or stucco.

Step 2 – Scraping & Priming:

Legacy will prime all bare wood to ensure proper adhesion of new paint, loose paint will be scraped and removed. Damaged and chipped stucco will be scraped, cleaned and primed for stucco repairs.

Step 3 – Stucco Caulking:

Legacy will remove and replace loose caulking, giving special attention to windows and doors. We will fill open gaps with new caulking to prevent moisture from penetrating the surface.

stucco caulking
stucco caulking

Step 4- Stucco Repairs:

We’re your #1 choice for Stucco Repairs in Calgary. Crack repairs must be done if a waterproof system is to be achieved. Legacy will fill and repair all stucco cracks and or holes larger than 1/16th of an inch using stucco patch and repair products.

Step 5 – Paint Masking & Drops:

Legacy will protect all areas around the home with drop cloths or poly plastics. Windows, doorknobs and light fixtures will be masked off to prevent paint damage during application.

Step 6 – Stucco Painting:

Legacy is your #1 choice for stucco painting in Calgary. We use quality paints from the leading manufacturer and distributor of high-quality paints, Cloverdale. The application will consist of spraying, brushing and or rolling.

Cleanup & Inspection –

When we are finished painting, all drop cloths, tape, and debris will be removed from your home and area. Legacy will perform a walk-through inspection with you and leave you with touch-up paint for future needs.

Our Testimonials:

These guys are amazing, unbelievable work.

Cordell / Eva Dasilva

Very hard working, very polite & courteous. Have done an amazing, excellent job. House looks brand new! Thanks.

Gary / Karen Bambrough

Legacy's specialty is stucco work and painting. Your Home owners association recommends this company for any work you may have.

Diamond Cove Homeowners Association


Dennis / Joan Yaholnitsky

Great Job. Well Done!

Jim / May Brown

Terrific job! Excellent effort & quality!

Greg / Carmen Toole

Very good workers. Very helpful + friendly

Tom / Debbie Blenkhorn

Thank you. The crew Alberto and Diego and others were so good - efficient and excellent work ethics. The job is lovely. We are very happy.

Linda Brawn

Overall, an excellent job

Tim Ulrichsen

The painter's crew were very good once they arrived on the job site.

Chris / Maureen Steele

These guys are the best! Highly recommended! Great job!

Chris / Bev Ranger

Products that Redefine Exterior Paint

The right products make all the difference. Legacy Exteriors uses premium brand paints and supplies for all its operations. The following is our preferred product brands with description.

Weather-One Cover coat Flat Latex.
Weather-One Cover coat Flat Latex is a premium latex finish for use on stucco, masonry and primed wood. An ideal choice for masking the effects of uneven light refraction on irregular surfaces such as concrete “tilt up” construction and all exterior textured substrates. The paint provides a rich even finish with excellent hiding properties. This product may also be applied to exterior metal and galvanized surfaces where proper surface preparation and applicable primers will be required.

Weather- One Cover coat Satin Latex
Description: Super premium quality 100% acrylic latex exterior finish for use on stucco, masonry wood, exterior metal and galvanized surfaces where proper surface preparation and applicable primers are required. This paint is an ideal choice for aluminium and weathered vinyl siding. Dark colors are NOT recommended on vinyl siding as heat absorption can cause vinyl to ripple. Satin latex is a super premium quality product with excellent hiding and durability in a rich, low sheen finish.

Towerthon – Acrylic Elastomeric Coating
Towerthon is a high solid elastomeric coating formulated for use on masonry, concrete, wood, vinyl and aluminium siding. Towerthon’s excellent elongation properties make it the coatings of choice for hairline or “spider web” cracked surfaces in stucco. It moves with the building, expanding and contracting to maintain a waterproof barrier. Towerthon dries to an attractive satin sheen and is available in brilliant white and thousands of custom colors.

The Towerthon Advantage:

  • Flexibility – Towerthon paints remain flexible over a broad temperature range.
  • Waterproof & Breathable – Towerthon seals out wind-driven rain and moisture rundown.
  • Mildew Resistant & Non-Toxic – Towerthon contains non-mercurial anti mildew fungicides to resist the growth of disfiguring mold and mildew
  • Exceptional Adhesion – Towerthon has excellent adhesion to masonry, concrete, stucco, asphalt roofing, galvanized metal, urethane foam and glass.
  • Dirt Rejection – Towerthon’s low sheen waterproof finish resists airborne dust and dirt accumulation.
  • Warranty – Towerthon is warranted against peelings, blistering, excessive chalking, and above ground water penetration from rain.
  • Under normal conditions, Towerthon paint dries in only 3 to 4 hours and becomes fully cured in 7 – 14 days!

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